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4.6.2 Administration Page

The Content Feeder provides a site for administration. The URL to the administration site: http://<FEEDER_HOST>:<FEEDER_PORT>/admin

The administration page requires HTTP authentication. The user and password are configured in the following properties:

It is recommended to change the password in productive environments.

Content Feeder Administration

Figure 4.2. Content Feeder Administration

The administration page shows the current status, statistic information and configuration of the Content Feeder. At the top of the page is a link to stop the Content Feeder.

Furthermore, there is a link to show errors for contents that were not processed successfully by the Content Feeder or the CoreMedia Search Engine. The page contains links to manually retry indexing of contents with errors. If not used, the Content Feeder retries indexing with the next change of the content.

Errors can also be found with a search engine query for all index documents with the value ERROR in the index field feederstate. The field feederinfo contains an error description.

Index contents below

This option enables the user to reindex all contents below a particular folder. Reindexing contents below a folder is achieved by entering the folder ID of the targeted folder in the "index contents below" input field and clicking on "Index Below" button.

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