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5.3.2 Resetting

To reset the CAE Feeder and feed all contents again, both the CAE Feeder database and the used Search Engine index must be cleared. You can trigger clearing the database and Solr index with the cm resetcaefeeder command-line tool. The tool sets a reset flag for the CAE Feeder in the database and the CAE Feeder drops its database and index when it is restarted.

The cm resetcaefeeder tool is available in the Blueprint module caefeeder-tools-application and can be used as follows:

cm resetcaefeeder reset

Trigger a reset of the CAE Feeder for the next restart

cm resetcaefeeder cancel
Cancel a triggered reset
cm resetcaefeeder status
Show whether a reset was triggered or not

Note that the CAE Feeder must be able to connect to both the database and to Solr when restarted after calling cm resetcaefeeder reset. Do not stop the CAE Feeder when it is clearing database and search index. However, if it was stopped between clearing database and search index, then you must call cm resetcaefeeder reset once more and restart the CAE Feeder.

See also Section 3.5, “Reindexing” to learn how to reindex without search downtime.

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