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Search Manual / Version 2207

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4.5 Modify the Search Index



Configuration not mandatory: Change the Apache Solr configuration file schema.xml in <solr-home>/configsets/content/conf if you want to add a custom index field.

By default, search is performed in index fields textbody, name, numericid and their language-dependent variants textbody_* and name_* when using the /editor request handler configured in file <solr-home>/configsets/content/conf/solrconfig.xml. This request handler is used when you perform a search in Studio or in the Site Manager. The values from content properties are fed into the textbody index field. This default request handler configuration is useful for most situations.

Only if you want to search in an additional field but not in the textbody field, you can add the additional index field in the file schema.xml. Then you can feed the field with a PropertyField or FeedablePopulator as described in Section 4.2, “Configure the Content Feeder”.

You can search in a specific field with the method SearchService#searchNative from the Unified API (for details see Section 5.8, “Search Service of the Unified API” in Unified API Developer Manual). Another possibility is to use the Apache Solr API directly.

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