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3.3.2 Replication Handler Configuration

Replication is configured with the ReplicationHandler section in the Solr index configuration file solrconfig.xml. CoreMedia Blueprint defines the ReplicationHandler for the config sets "content" and "cae" in module apps/solr/modules/search/solr-config.

Blueprint default configuration of the ReplicationHandler references some system properties that need to be set accordingly when starting a Solr instance that is part of a leader/follower setup.

  • solr.leader: set to true for the Solr leader node, defaults to false
  • solr.follower: set to true for Solr follower nodes, defaults to false
  • solr.leader.url: set to the Solr URL of the Solr leader node, for Solr follower nodes

Note, that hostname and port of the leader node must also be set in the solr.shardsWhitelist system property of Solr follower nodes. Alternatively, the corresponding checks can be disabled with -Dsolr.disable.shardsWhitelist=true. See the Solr Reference Guide for details.

When developing with CoreMedia Blueprint, you can start Solr locally from Maven as described in Section 3.1, “Starting”. You can also start a Solr follower node to test replication in the same way by invoking "mvn exec:exec@start-solr-follower". Under the hood, this will set the above system properties. See the configuration of the exec-maven-plugin in file apps/solr/modules/search/solr-config/pom.xml for details.

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