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3. Search Engine

The CoreMedia Search Engine is based on Apache Solr. It is a server application that receives search and indexing requests via HTTP. Solr provides two modes of operation: as standalone Solr instance with optional leader/follower index replication, or as SolrCloud cluster.

Solr manages multiple indices with possibly different configurations. Each of these indices is stored as a Lucene index on disk. In Solr terminology, an index managed by a standalone Solr server is called a Solr Core (or shortly a core) while an index managed by a SolrCloud cluster is called a Solr Collection (or shortly a collection). This documentation uses these terms interchangeably.

You can download Apache Solr from Make sure to download version 8.11.2, which is the supported version for CoreMedia Content Cloud.

You can find the Solr reference guide at Make sure to read the sections about system requirements and taking Solr to production.

This chapter describes configuration and operational tasks specific to the integration of Apache Solr as CoreMedia Search Engine.

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