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3.1 Starting

You can start Solr by running "bin/solr start" from the Solr distribution directory. If you're using Windows, you'll have to use "bin\solr.cmd start" instead.

The Solr start script takes additional parameters such as -p to specify the port. Enter "bin/solr start -help" for an overview of parameters. Further configuration options can be specified as environment variables in bin/, or bin\ for Windows. For details, have a look at the Solr reference guide, for example at

A required parameter for using Solr with CoreMedia is the location of the Solr Home directory, which contains configuration files and additional libraries. See Section 3.2, “Solr Home and Core Directories” for a description of that directory. The Solr Home directory needs to be specified at startup with the -s parameter of the "bin/solr start" script. Alternatively, you can set the environment variable SOLR_HOME, for example in bin/

After startup, the Solr administration page is available at http://<host>:<port>/solr.

You can stop a running Solr instance by invoking "bin/solr stop", or "bin\solr.cmd stop" in case of Windows.

Starting Solr for local development in Blueprint

For local development with CoreMedia Blueprint, you can simply start and stop a configured Solr instance from Maven as follows:

  • Download the official Solr distribution and extract it into a directory of your choice.
  • Set the environment variable SOLR_SCRIPT to point to the Solr start/stop script in the extracted directory. Choose "bin/solr" for Unix or "bin\solr.cmd" for a Windows shell.
  • Go to directory "apps/solr/modules/search/solr-config".
  • Execute "mvn exec:exec@start-solr to start Solr.
  • Execute "mvn exec:exec@stop-solr to stop Solr.

After startup, the Solr administration page is available at http://localhost:40080/solr.

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