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4. Searching for Content

This chapter describes how to configure and operate content search for editorial applications such as CoreMedia Studio, the Site Manager or custom editor applications. While you may use this search service also for website search, in most cases for website search it makes more sense to search for content beans as described in Chapter 5, Searching for CAE Content Beans.

There are the following building blocks to search for content:

  • The Content Feeder to feed the Search Engine with content

  • The Search Engine itself, which indexes the content and makes it searchable

  • The search service in the Content Server, which provides the search functionality of the Search Engine to its clients such as the Site Manager

  • Search applications such as the Studio or custom ones, which connect to the Search Engine directly

The Search Engine itself is covered in Chapter 3, Search Engine. This chapter describes the operation and configuration of the Content Feeder, Studio the Content Server's search service and the configuration of the Search Engine for content search in custom applications.

The next sections describe

Search Results

Table Of Contents

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