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6.5 Solr Indexer JMX Managed Beans

This managed bean is exported by the CAE Feeder and the Content Feeder.

SolrIndexer MBean
Attribute Type Unit Description


read-only Boolean Returns whether the Feeder is configured to connect to SolrCloud with configuration property


read-only string The URL of Apache Solr for feeding as configured in property solr.url.


read-only string The ZooKeeper addresses as configured in property solr.zookeeper.addresses.


read-only string The Apache Solr collection.


read/write milliseconds

The time to wait before sending a batch to the Search Engine again after sending failed with an error in the Search Engine.

It defaults to the configured property feeder.solr.send-retry-delay.


read/write comma-separated string values

Index document IDs for which indexing must not be retried after errors.

The SolrIndexer automatically triggers a retry when an index document cannot be sent to Solr because of temporary errors such as connection problems to Solr. Permanent errors that are caused by the content (for example, if it was destroyed in the meantime) are not retried. In rare cases, the SolrIndexer may treat an error that cannot be resolved quickly as temporary one and indexing is retried forever. In such a case, an administrator can add the index document ID to the value of this JMX attribute to make the SolrIndexer skip errors for the index document.

IDs must conform to the value of the Solr id field, for example 42 for a content indexed with the Content Feeder and contentbean:42 for a content bean indexed with the CAE Feeder.

The value is empty by default after starting the Feeder. It is not persisted.

Table 6.10. Properties of SolrIndexer MBean

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