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5.2.3 Configuring the Search Engine

The configuration of the CoreMedia Search Engine includes the location of Apache Solr and the name of the target Solr collection. This is done by setting the properties solr.url or solr.zookeeper.addresses, and solr.cae.collection. Each feeding application needs a different collection. Do not use the same collection for multiple instances of the CAE Feeder or the Content Feeder. For example:


For SolrCloud, do not configure property solr.url but set and the ZooKeeper address(es) instead as in the following example:

If the collection does not exist in Solr yet, the CAE Feeder will create it when started. It will create the collection based on the Solr config set "cae". If necessary, a different config set name can be configured with CAE Feeder property solr.cae.config-set.

If Apache Solr has been secured and needs HTTP basic authentication, you must also configure the required user name and password in the properties solr.username and solr.password.

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