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Search Manual / Version 2207

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4.1.5 Error conditions

If the Content Feeder or the Search Engine is unable to process a certain content, an error index document is indexed instead. It serves as placeholder for the original content in the index of the Search Engine.

When a content contains binary data of an unsupported format, no error index document is written. Instead, such contents are indexed without the binary data and the content can still be found based on its other fields.

Error index documents contain the value ERROR in the index field feederstate and are not returned as search result by the Content Server or Studio. You can search for error index documents using the administration page of the Content Feeder. An error index document is replaced with the correct content when the content changes in the CoreMedia Content Server and the cause of the error has been removed.

Communication problems to the CoreMedia Search Engine lead to search errors in clients. The Content Feeder retries feeding until the Search Engine responds successfully. Search requests from clients succeed as soon as the communication problems have been resolved.

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