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5.3.3 Disabling Invalidations

The CAE Feeder refeeds content beans when dependencies of these beans are invalidated. In some cases, this behavior might be cumbersome. For example, for initial indexing, you may want to first index the whole set of content beans, before processing invalidations for already indexed ones. This can be achieved by pausing invalidations for some time. Note, that invalidations are never skipped, and all changes will be handled as soon as invalidation handling is turned on again.

To temporarily disable invalidations, set the property contentDependencyInvalidator.invalidationStopped=true and restart the CAE Feeder.

You can also disable invalidations by setting the JMX attribute InvalidationStopped of MBean com.coremedia:type=ContentDependencyInvalidator,application=caefeeder to true. Changes made with JMX are reset when the CAE Feeder is restarted.

After all content beans have been indexed initially, set the property or JMX attribute back to "false", otherwise no invalidations would reach the CAE Feeder.

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