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6.2 Content Feeder Metrics

Metrics about the operation of a running Content Feeder are mostly available as attributes of JMX Managed Beans, that are described in Section 6.3, “Content Feeder JMX Managed Beans”. This section lists some additional metrics that are available at the Spring Boot Actuator Metrics Endpoint.


The feeder.index metric is a counter that measures the number of triggered index updates. It includes both full and partial updates.

The metric supports the following optional tag to select more specific measurements:

Tags of the "feeder.index" Metric


The type of trigger that caused the update. Typical types are "initialize" for initial feeding and "event" for changes caused by editorial changes. A name that starts with "background." indicates changes that were triggered by low priority background feeding, for example "background.admin" for externally triggered reindexing, or "background.issues" for periodic reindexing of content issues.


The feeder.populator metric is a timer that measures the invocation count and time spent in com.coremedia.cap.feeder.populate.FeedablePopulator calls.

The metric supports the following optional tags to select more specific measurements:

Tags of the "feeder.populator" Metric


The class name of the FeedablePopulator implementation. Note, that names of non-public API classes may change without notice in future releases.


If true, only partial updates are measured. If false, partial updates are not measured. See Section 4.1.2, “Partial Updates” for a description of partial updates.

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