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3.4.2 SolrCloud Configuration

In SolrCloud, ZooKeeper maintains the index configuration files and ensures that the whole cluster uses the same configuration. To this end, the config sets from the Solr Home directory need to be uploaded to ZooKeeper initially. In the following example, the config sets for Content Feeder, CAE Feeder and Elastic Social indices are uploaded to ZooKeeper.

cd apps/solr/modules/search/solr-config
$SOLR_SCRIPT zk upconfig -z :40085 -d target/solr-config/configsets/content/conf -n content
$SOLR_SCRIPT zk upconfig -z :40085 -d target/solr-config/configsets/cae/conf     -n cae
$SOLR_SCRIPT zk upconfig -z :40085 -d target/solr-config/configsets/elastic/conf -n elastic

The shell variable $SOLR_SCRIPT is set to the path of the bin/solr script from the Solr installation. The -z option specifies the ZooKeeper address. In the example, ZooKeeper is running at port 40085. See also the Solr Reference Guide at

When developing with CoreMedia Blueprint, you can start Solr locally from Maven as described in Section 3.1, “Starting”. You can also start a single node SolrCloud cluster with embedded ZooKeeper to test the configuration by invoking "mvn exec:exec@start-solr-cloud". You still need to upload configuration files manually as described above. See the description and configuration of the exec-maven-plugin in file apps/solr/modules/search/solr-config/pom.xml for details.

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