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3.5.2 Partial Reindexing of Content Feeder Indices

You can make a Content Feeder reindex selected contents by invoking JMX operations of MBean com.coremedia:type=AdminBackgroundFeed,application=content-feeder, or by using the reindex Spring Boot actuator endpoint. Reindexing happens in a background thread, and will not block indexing of repository changes.

If custom code or configuration was changed, and contents of a certain type need to be indexed differently, you can trigger reindexing for all content items of a specific type. To this end, the "reindexByType" JMX operation can be used. Alternatively, you can send an HTTP POST request to the actuator endpoint at http://host:port/actuator/reindex with an application/json body like {"contentType": "CMArticle"}.

The "reindexByQuery" JMX operation is more generic and takes a Unified API query as documented in interface com.coremedia.cap.content.query.QueryService. All contents that match the query (and are not excluded from feeding) will be reindexed. Alternatively, a JSON body like {"query": "BELOW PATH '/Sites'"} can be sent to the reindex actuator endpoint. Make sure to escape quotes correctly, if you call the actuator endpoint with a tool like 'curl' from the command-line.

Both operations can take an optional comma-separated list of com.coremedia.cap.feeder.FeedableAspect IDs. If specified, the Feeder will not reindex whole index documents but uses partial updates for these aspects only. See Section 4.1.2, “Partial Updates” for details on partial updates. For example, specify the aspect "issues" to reindex content issues only. For the actuator endpoint, aspects can be specified as additional JSON attribute, for example {"contentType": "CMArticle", "aspects": "issues"}

The "reindexAll" JMX operation triggers reindexing of all contents. You can also restrict it to certain partial update aspects. A POST request with empty JSON object to the reindex actuator endpoint can be used alternatively.

If the Content Feeder is stopped during reindexing, it will continue with the next content after restart. The reindexing progress is persisted in a special document in the index itself.

There's another JMX operation "cancel" at the same MBean to cancel a running reindexing operation. The reindexing progress is available with MBean attribute "NumberOfPendingContents".

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