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Search Manual / Version 2207

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4.1.6 Restrictions

The CoreMedia Search Engine provides a fast and efficient full-text search for indexed contents. However, because of the asynchronous nature of the indexing process, search results do not always reflect the current state of the repository. A content may need a couple of seconds after it was sent to the Search Engine, and before it appears in the search results. If you need always up-to-date results and can accept slower query execution, then take a look at the built-in query feature of the CoreMedia Content Server that is described in Section 5.7, “Query Service” in Unified API Developer Manual.

Indexed content issues can be outdated for an even longer time. Issues for a content are updated in the index after the properties of that content have changed. Other changes, like editing a linked content, or moving a content to another folder, do not lead to an immediate update of a content's issues.

The CoreMedia Search Engine supports search for the latest document version or working version only. If you want to search for older versions you have to use the query feature of the CoreMedia Content Server or use the CoreMedia CAE Feeder to index the required data as part of content beans.

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