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Search Manual / Version 2207

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4.1.1 Feeding the Search Engine

When the Content Feeder starts for the first time, it iterates over the contents in the repository and sends them to the Search Engine for indexing. After this initialization phase, the Content Feeder sends contents to the Search Engine after they have changed or when they are newly created.

When the Content Feeder restarts, it automatically continues its work with the next content that needs to be indexed. This content is determined from a timestamp stored by the Content Feeder in the same index of the Search Engine. During restart the Content Feeder retrieves the timestamp from the Search Engine to continue feeding.

The CoreMedia Search Engine indexes textual data from content properties and a number of metadata attributes such as the path of the content, the name of its creator and the last time the content was published. In the configuration of the Content Feeder you can restrict the indexed contents by their type and the indexed properties by their name and type. Note, that the CoreMedia Search Engine only indexes the latest or working version of CoreMedia documents.

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