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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Adding Help Texts

In order to support the users of your search functions, you can add a help text to CoreMedia Studio. This text might describe, for example, how to call the function, what the function does and what arguments are required.

Example of a help text

Figure 3.15. Example of a help text

To add a help text, CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization provides the SearchQueryHelper component in cap-personalization-ui. The help text is written as an HTML file. Proceed as follows:

Write your help text and store the file as SearchFunctionsHelp.html in the directory sencha/resources/p13n-search-query-help/ of your web application.

Add the SearchQueryHelper with the tag <perso:SearchQueryHelper> to the content form where it should be shown.

Search Results

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