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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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2. Overview

CoreMedia Content Cloud supports two different methods of personalization, which provide the basis for creating personalized websites. In both cases, Studio allows you to create personalization content that selects content to be displayed.

  • Adaptive Personalization

  • Client-side personalization

Adaptive Personalization uses the CAE to deliver personalized content and uses rules defined in the CoreMedia system.

Client-side personalization decides on the user client software (mostly the browser) which content to show. The rules are defined in a third-party system, such as Monetate. Figure 2.1, “ Personalization architecture ” gives a high-level architectural overview.

Personalization architecture

Figure 2.1.  Personalization architecture

In this manual, you will find installation, configuration and development information. For the usage of Personalization in Studio refer to Chapter 7, Working with Personalized Content in Studio User Manual,

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