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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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Creating Experiences for Testing or Personalization
  1. In the Dynamic Yield portal create a new Custom Code campaign using the following settings:

    • Trigger: Page Load

    • Frequency: Once per pageview

  2. Add a single experience.

    Create campaign in Dynamic Yield

    Figure 4.23.  Create campaign in Dynamic Yield

  3. Open the experience for editing and add the desired targeting. Switch to the Variations tab. Choose static or dynamic traffic allocation and select a primary metric. Then add the variations and choose their individual traffic allocation.

    Edit Dynamic Yield experience

    Figure 4.24.  Edit Dynamic Yield experience

  4. Add the JavaScript code to connect the variations to CoreMedia Content Cloud. Open the mirrored experience definitions in CoreMedia Studio (see Section, “Creating Experience Definitions in Studio”). For each variation copy the Javascript snippet to the clipboard, change back to the variation's JavaScript tab and paste the code. Save the variation.

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