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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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3. Adaptive Personalization

CoreMedia Adaptive Personalizationp rovides the basis for creating a personalized web experience on top of the CoreMedia Content Application Engine. It offers user interest profile management as well as dynamic content selection - the building blocks for your personalized site, whether you want to implement explicit (manual) personalization, implicit (automatic) personalization, or both.

Personalization is used by leading web companies to increase user engagement by providing a better user experience. Typical examples of website personalization are:

  • Showing more relevant ads by taking a user's browsing behavior into account.

  • Recommending products on an eCommerce site based on the user's purchase history.

  • Automatically listing the most common answers on a support site for the operating system and browser used by the current user.

  • Selecting news stories for a user by analyzing the user's reading history.

  • Ranking search results for an individual user based on his personal search history.

The underlying idea of all these examples is to be more relevant to the individual user. With personalized content, you can increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your users, which leads to higher user retention and number of visits.

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