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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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4.1 Installing Client-Side Personalization

Using CoreMedia Client-side Personalization requires the installation of at least two extensions (see Section 4.1.5, “Project Extensions” in Blueprint Developer Manual for more details about extensions):

You will find the extensions in the following repositories:

You can either add the extension repositories as Git submodules, the recommended approach, or copy them into your Blueprint workspace in the modules/extensions folder. Copying the extensions requires more work when upgrading the Blueprint workspace to newer releases. In the following section you will learn how to add them as submodules.

Adding Extension as Submodule

If you plan to customize the extensions, first create a fork of the repositories and add your forks as submodules. Otherwise, you can simply add the CoreMedia repositories as submodules as shown in the following example.

Add the core and adapter extensions to the Blueprint workspace as Git submodules as follows (this example uses the CoreMedia Engagement Cloud adapter). To do this, open a terminal window and run the following commands:

cd /<blueprint-root-dir>

mkdir -p modules/extensions

git submodule add modules/extensions/p13n-core

git submodule add modules/extensions/p13n-adapter-cmec

git submodule init 

Example 4.1.  Adding submodules

After the submodules are added, go to each submodule directory and check-out the branch matching your Blueprint version.

cd /<blueprint-root-dir>/modules/extensions/p13n-core
git checkout -b <branch-name>
cd ../p13n-adapter-cmec
git checkout <branch-name> 

Example 4.2.  Checkout branch in submodule

Then commit the changes to the submodules:

cd /<blueprint-root-dir>/modules/extensions
git add p13n-core
git add p13n-adapter-cmec
git commit -m 'Add personalization submodules'

Example 4.3. Commit changes to submodules

Now, you have to activate the extensions.

Activating the Extensions

Run the extensions tool (see Section 4.1.5, “Project Extensions” in Blueprint Developer Manual for more details about the extensions tool) in workspace-configuration/extensions to activate the extensions like this (here, the core and the CoreMedia Engagement Cloud extensions are activated):

mvn extensions:sync
mvn extensions:sync -Denable=p13n-core,p13n-adapter-cmec

Example 4.4.  Activate extensions

Now you are done with the installation and activation of the extensions. In order to work with the extensions, you have to configure them, as described in the next sections.

Updating the Extensions

If you are upgrading your Blueprint workspace to another major release, an update of the personalization extension may be required. Check the extension's repositories for the available branches and select the branch matching your Blueprint release version or the highest release version lower than your Blueprint version.

Update the extension's submodules by opening a terminal window and running the following commands (the example shows the steps for the CoreMedia Engagement Cloud adapter):

cd /<blueprint-root-dir>/modules/extensions
cd p13n-core
git fetch
git checkout <branch-name>
cd ..
git add p13n-core

cd p13n-adapter-cmec
git fetch
git checkout <branch-name>
cd ..
git add p13n-adapter-cmec/

git commit -m 'Update personalization submodules to release xxxx.x'

Example 4.5. Updating an extension

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