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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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3.2.3 Configuring The Customer Persona Form

You can change the used context properties and/or the appearance of the context property editors of the Customer Persona Form by reconfiguring the CMUserProfile content type.

If you add context properties to the content you do not need to adapt the content type definition for the Content Server because all context properties are stored in one, already defined plain text blob property.

Underneath a PersonaGroupContainer there are special property fields which are responsible for handling the forwarded property. You can write your own property fields for custom properties.

There are already the most common property fields available:

  • PersonaNumberPropertyField - accepts just digits, '-' and '.'

  • PersonaStringPropertyField - accepts all kind of characters

  • PersonaTimePropertyField - accepts time in the specified time format; you can choose time from the combo box as well

  • PersonaDatePropertyField - accepts a date in the specified date format; you can pick the date from the date picker as well

  • PersonaDateTimeProperty - combined time and date property fields. You need to fill both values.

To write your own property fields have a look at Section, “Working With Test Contexts”.

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