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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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Setting Up a JavaScript Action

In order to use experiences from Monetate in CoreMedia Sites you first have to create an action in Monetate.

  1. Go into the Monetate Action Builder, select ComponentsActions and click [Create Action] . The live website opens up and the Monetate overlay is enabled:

    Create Action in Monetate

    Figure 4.3.  Create Action in Monetate

  2. Select JavaScript and in the following screen set Only run once? (1) to Yes. Click the arrow (2) to go to the next screen.

    Monetate action screen

    Figure 4.4.  Monetate action screen

  3. Fill the form fields as shown in the screenshot and click [Create & Exit] to create the action and to return to the Monetate portal.

    Monetate enter data for new action

    Figure 4.5.  Monetate enter data for new action

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