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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Implementing Context

Context objects are arbitrary POJOs, so you can define and implement them in the way most suitable for your application.

If you want to reuse some of the functionality provided by CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization, a specific ContextSource for example, you need to implement the required interfaces. In particular, most ContextSource implementations require a ContextFactory or a ContextCoDec implementation for your context, which provide the knowledge of how to create, serialize, and deserialize an instance of your context. Most of them also use the DirtyFlagMaintainer interface, writing a context object back into their respective stores only if the context's dirty flag is set.

A ContextSource implementing typical interfaces

Figure 3.9. A ContextSource implementing typical interfaces

If your context objects contains properties that should be available in selection rules, simply implement the PropertyProvider interface.

PropertyProvider Interface

Figure 3.10. PropertyProvider Interface

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