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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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3.2.6 Monitoring Components With JMX

Key components of CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization expose management functionality via the following JMX MBeans:

  • ContextCollectorManager

  • SelectionRuleProcessorManager

You can find a detailed list of all available JMX properties in the corresponding API documentation of the classes.


This class provides statistics about the performance of the ContextCollector and each registered ContextSource. By default, only performance tracking of the ContextCollector is enabled. If you want to enable tracking of the sources, use the perSourcePerformanceEnabled flag in your JMX console.

You can use the ContextCollectorManager bean to activate and deactivate the ContextCollector. This might be useful if you have an unexpected spike in high traffic and you want to disable Adaptive Personalization. Use the ContextCollectorEnable flag for this task.


This class provides statistics about the performance of all SelectionRuleProcessor instances used in a CAE.

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