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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

Table Of Contents Evaluation Of Search Functions

Typically, you access your Search Engine from within a content bean implementation. Within the bean, you will do the following things:

  1. Read the query string from a property of the associated Content object

  2. Use a Search Engine connection to send the query to the Search Engine

  3. Retrieve the result object

  4. Iterate over the results to map them to content beans which can then be provided to the template for rendering.

If your query string contains calls to search functions, you can't just provide the string to the Search Engine because the Search Engine doesn't know what to do with the functions. So, you first got to evaluate the functions and replace their calls by their respective results, thus creating a syntactically correct query string that can be send to the engine. Evaluation and replacement of search function calls is performed by the SearchFunctionPreprocessor.

Evaluating a Search Function

Figure 3.14. Evaluating a Search Function

Search Results

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