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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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3.2.5 Localizing the Customer Persona Info Window

The data shown in the Customer Persona Info Window can be localized, so that the right language version is shown in CoreMedia Studio. You can localize the following items:

  • context names

  • property keys

  • property values

The Customer Persona Info Window searches for the localized form of an element by looking for global resource bundle properties of the form (where name is the name of a context, key is a property key and value is a property value):

  • p13n_context_<name> for the name of a context

  • p13n_context_<name>_<key> for the name of a property key within a context

  • p13n_context_<name>_<key>_<value> for a property value within a context

Any non-word characters (everything except alphanumeric characters and '_') are removed before the look-up key is constructed, that is, the localization property for the context "a sample context" would be p13n_context_asamplecontext.

Property values representing time stamps are not looked up in a localization file, but automatically transformed into a date representations matching the selected locale.

If the Customer Persona Info Window cannot find a matching localization property, the original value is used. Refer to the CoreMedia Studio Developer manual on how to set up resource bundles in CoreMedia Studio.

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