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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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5.3 Supplied Context Sources

CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization delivers APIs for different context sources (for example, CookieSource, TableSource) that enable persistence of personal data, however CoreMedia only ships example code for the CookieSource implementation in the Personalization Blueprint module. If you choose to persist personal data, you may legally be obliged to disclose this fact to your end users and to seek and document permission which may require additional custom code.

Here is a list of context sources delivered with CoreMedia Adaptive Personalization. Find the details about their use in the respective API documentation.

CookieSource This source stores a context object in a cookie. The parameters of the used cookie (such as its max age) can be configured via properties of the source. The source serializes the context into a string and then base-64 encodes this string before writing it to the cookie.
SystemDateTimeSource This source adds a context object containing several properties related to the system's date and time. The added context implements the PropertyProvider interface.
TableStoreSource This source stores and retrieves contexts to and from a TableStore implementation. A TableStore can be anything capable of persisting key-value pairs, such as a relational database or a persistent hash map. TableStoreSource also requires a UserIdProvider that is expected to return a unique id for the current user. This id is used to construct the key used to store the context object.
SegmentSource This source provides a context that indicates the user segments the current user is a member of. See Section 3.3.4, “Working With Customer Segments” for details.
TestContextSource This source reads test contexts from the CMS repository. See Section, “Working With Test Contexts” for details.

Table 5.2. Supplied context sources

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