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Personalization Hub Manual / Version 2310

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Creating Experience for Content Masking

The CoreMedia JavaScript frontend integration code - triggered by the Monetate Tag - dynamically loads content from the CAE backend via AJAX and injects it into the already displayed page. To minimize visually disturbing effects, such as elements flickering, popping up or moving around, during these page updates it is essential for the CoreMedia code to get notified when Monetate has finished processing all decisions. Hence, a special experience needs to be added, which must always be executed last by placing it at the end of the list of experiences:

  1. Create a new experience, for example named Final.

  2. Select to serve everyone the same experience as the goal. Don't add any targeting, let it apply to all visitors.

  3. Add the CoreMedia JavaScript action to its single variant and insert the following code: cm_p13n.completed('monetate');.

  4. Save and return to the experience overview.

  5. Place the experience at the bottom of the list by giving it the highest priority value.

    Place Final experience

    Figure 4.13.  Place Final experience

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