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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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Before any content item is permanently removed from the recycle bin, the XML representation is written ("exported") to local filesystem. You may use a customized version of the XML Importer to import these content items later. If you are sure, that you don't need these files anymore, you can use the option --noexport to suppress the export.



When you start cleanrecyclebin without other options than the connection parameters, only content will be removed that was last modified 30 or more days ago (see the --before parameter).


Starts cleanrecyclebin in standard mode.

bin/cm cleanrecyclebin <connection parameters> 
      [--directory <a>] [--export-delay <b>] 
      [--export-threads <c>] [--export-to-subdirs <d>] 
      [--noexport] [--after <e>] [--before <f>]

Starts cleanrecyclebin in simulation mode. This means that no documents will be destroyed nor anything will be exported.

bin/cm cleanrecyclebin <connection parameters>
      --simulate [--after <a>] [--before <b>]

Cancels a currently running cleanrecyclebin process.

bin/cm cleanrecyclebin <connection parameters> --cancel

Parameter Description
--simulate Enables simulation mode
--after Only remove content items with modification date after or equal to the given date. Format: yyyyMMddHHmmss (such as, 20050102140000). Default is "start of time" in the Unix world.
--before Only remove content items with modification date before the given date. Format: yyyyMMddHHmmss. Default is 30 days from the actual date.
--directory This options specifies the directory where the content items will be exported before destruction. Default is ./destroy.
--export-delay Delay in milliseconds between the export of each content item. Default is "0".
--export-threads Concurrent threads to use for collecting and exporting. Default is "1".
--noexport No XML files will be generated if this option is set. By default, XML files will be generated.
--export-to-subdirs [creationDate | modificationDate | exportDate] Defines which date should be used to create the directory hierarchy. The hierarchy is build in the way Year<Month<Day<Hour. That is, you have four directories below the main export directory. "Hour" directories are only created, if the "exportDate" is used. Default is a flat directory structure.
--cancel This will cancel the execution of the document collector. This can cause dead links! Use with care.

Table 3.22. Options of the clean recycle bin


In order to remove all content items with a modification date that is less than or equal to 2001-12-31, execute the following command. Note that any references from other content items which are not about to be cleaned by the same command, will block a content item from being cleaned from the recycle bin.

cm cleanrecyclebin --user admin --password admin --simulate --before 20011231000000


On systems with many content items in the recycle bin the collection process might take some time to run its mark and sweep phase. If the process seems to do nothing (it generates no log output), don't kill it. This phase might take an hour or more.

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