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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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3.9.1 Installing the First Replication Live Server

To install the first Replication Live Server proceed as follows:

  1. Install the Replication Live Server with a Replication Live Server license.

  2. Configure the content types equal to the types on the Master Live Server.

  3. Configure the replicator with the IOR URL of the Master Live Server:

  • replicator.publicationIorUrl=http://<MasterLiveServerComputerName>:<port>/ior

  1. Because the server will be available to clients immediately, take care to change the passwords of the default users by setting the cap.server.initialPassword.<USERNAME> properties as described in Section 5.1, “Configuration Property Reference”.

  2. Make sure that the property replicator.tmpDir points to a directory that has enough free space to hold the blob content of your whole repository that will be replicated.

  3. Start the Replication Live Server.

    The Replication Live Server will switch to the run level administration and start the replication of the content. When the initial replication is completed, the server will go online.



The setup of a Replication Live Server must be completed without additional restarts of the server. If the initial replication fails for any reason, you must empty the database schema and repeat the entire setup from step 3.

If the replication does not complete repeatedly, the Replication Live Server database has to be build from a backup of the Master Live Server database as described later in the manual.

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