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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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With the runlevel tool you control the mode of operation of the content server. See Section 2.4, “Server Run Levels” for details about runlevels. You should always use runlevel to shut down the server.

usage: cm runlevel -u <user> [other options] -r <runlevel> 
              [-g <grace>] [-w <timeout>]
          runlevel -u <user> [other options] -a
          runlevel -u <user> [other options] -a
available options:
 -g,--grace <grace>          grace period in seconds 
                             use jointly with the option -r
 -w,--wait <wait>            wait time in seconds (default is
                             not to wait for runlevel change),
                             use jointly with the option -r
 -a,--abort                  abort pending runlevel switch
 -d,--domain <domain name>   domain for login (default=<builtin>)
 -p,--password <password>    password for login
 -r,--runlevel <runlevel>    desired runlevel (one of offline,
                             maintenance, administration, online)
 -u,--user <user name>       user for login (required)
 -url <ior url>              url to connect to
 -v,--verbose                enables verbose output

The options have the following meaning:

Parameter Description
-g Delays the runlevel switch for the specified number of seconds. This gives users the chance to save their changes and logout. During the grace period the runlevel switch can be aborted with the -a option.
-w If used with -r, the utility will not exit before the target runlevel has been reached (exit code 0) or the specified number of seconds have passed (exit code 1). The utility will not fail, if a runlevel change has already been scheduled (it will not reschedule another change, but just wait for the specified runlevel to be reached). If the server is not available when the utility is run, it will not fail but keep trying to connect or time out after the specified number of seconds. If time out is met, runlevel will exit with exit code 1.
-a Abort a pending runlevel switch triggered by a recent invocation of runlevel.
-r Specify the new runlevel. The legal values are described in the Operations Basics

Table 3.35. Options of runlevel

Note that you cannot switch the runlevel from offline mode. You have to restart the server instead.

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