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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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3.13.3 Repository

The Repository tools described in this section perform some basic editorial tasks.

  • approve: Approves a resource.

  • bulkpublish: Publish or withdraw all resources below a given folder.

  • destroy: Delete resources from the repository.

  • publish: Publishes a resource.

  • publishall: Publish all resources to a newly set up Master Live Server, initializing or recreating the live repository.

  • republish: Republish a set of resources which have been published in the recent past.

  • query: Execute a structured query in the repository.

  • queryapprove: Execute a structured query in the repository and approve the resulting content items.

  • querypublish: Execute a structured query in the repository and publish the resulting content items.

  • search: Execute a full-text search in the repository.

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