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CoreMedia CMS uses a license system based - among others - on named users (see the Operations Basics for details). If all named user licenses are consumed, no other user can login. So you might want to free a license for a new user.

usedlicenses is the utility for this use case. You can use it to view all used named licenses and to remove named licenses from a user. Keep in mind, that a user can be registered with more than one service. Used licenses are shown as a table with the column names username and servicename:

  • username holds user IDs,

  • servicename one out of the following CoreMedia service names:

  • debug, feeder, editor, importer, publisher, replicator, studio, system, webserver, workflow.

You can find the ID of a user in the User Manager of Studio or with the dumpusers tool.

If you use the tool on a given user, all licenses for all services occupied by this user are removed from the user. Nevertheless, the user will not be kicked out of a current editor session and the license will not be usable for a new user. You have to restart the Content Server first.

Usage: cm usedlicenses (-print|-deleteuser <user>)

You can use either the user's id or the user's name. In the rare case that the user's name consists entirely of numerals, you must use the user's id.

The parameters have the following meaning:

Parameter Description
-print Prints out the named licenses in use
-deleteuser <user> Deletes all licenses (thus making them available for reuse) for the user indicated by either the user id or the user name

Table 3.40. Parameters of the usedlicenses utility


A new user tries to log in Studio but gets a "licenses exhausted" message. So, you want to free a license for the user.

  1. Show all used licenses with cm usedlicenses -print

  2. Select a user from whom you want to revoke the license. For the sake of the example assume that the user has the ID 8.

  3. Delete the license with cm usedlicenses -deleteuser 8

  • If you view the used licenses again, you will see that the license has been removed. Nevertheless, you have to restart the Content Server.

  1. Make sure that all users have saved their current work, then restart the server.

Now you are done, a new user can log in.

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