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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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2.4 Server Run Levels

The CoreMedia Content Server has several modes of operation (or run levels). These run levels determine which programs can connect to the server and which operations can be executed on the server. Each mode has the abilities of the previous mode (maintenance<administration<online). The following modes are available:


The state when the server is not running and no operations can be executed.


The server is accessible for maintenance or debugging purposes. Only the standard server tools can be used.


The server can be managed by JMX. The publisher user may log in. In the case of a Replication Live Server, replication starts.


All services are active (see below). All users and clients can log in.

The following services are active in the various server run levels:

CORBA Communication
License Manager
Login for "admin" and "debug" services
Access to resources
Replicator (on Replication Live Servers)
Login for Publisher
Content Feeder
Login for all other clients and programs, like Editor, Importer and File System View

There are two possibilities to reach a particular run level:

Start in a particular run level

You can use the property cap.server.init-runlevel to define the run level that the Content Server should reach on start up.

Allowed run levels are maintenance, administration and online. The default level is online.

Switch to a particular run level

To switch a run level in a running server, execute the command:

cm runlevel -u admin -r <runlevel> -g <grace period>

After the <grace period> (in seconds), the server changes to the run level given by <runlevel>.

During the grace period, you can cancel the run level switch with the following command:

cm runlevel -u admin -a

Clients logged on the server are informed at regular intervals when they will be logged out due to a "down" switch.

The Site Manager warns users with a dialog box when the server shuts down.

Shut down the server with the command cm runlevel -r offline -g <grace period>.

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