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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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3.13.2 Operation

This section describes the operational server utilities. Before you apply these tools, you should read the respective documentation thoroughly. The operational tools perform highly privileged tasks some of which are not subject to any consistency checks. An improper usage of the tools may severely affect the performance of the CoreMedia CMS or even damage the repository.

Repository tools
  • cleanrecyclebin/cleanversions: Delete obsolete content items and versions from the repository

  • serverexport: Stores the content of the repository as XML files

  • serverimport: Upload content stored by serverexport

  • usedlicenses: Withdraws a license from a user

  • jshell: The JShell wrapper lets you interactively access the Content Server using the Unified API.

  • groovysh: The Groovy Shell lets you interactively access the Content Server using the Unified API.

  • content-uuid-export, generate-content-uuid-map, content-uuid-export: These tools will assist you synchronizing UUIDs in different environments, like development and production, for Content Management Server upgraded from before 2010.1 or for example as fallback solution for serverexport, serverimport, if you forgot enabling UUID-export.

Database tools
  • sql: Provides direct access to the database

  • dbindex: Creates a database index over the folder structure

Server tools
  • cancelpublication: Cancel a running publication

  • killsession: Kills a session

  • tracesession: Causes a session to be traced

  • runlevel: Changes the runlevel of the server

  • unlockcontentserver: Remove a lock that stops a Content Server from starting up

  • encryptpasswordproperty: Encrypt a given password for use in property files

User tools
  • changepassword: Changes the password.

  • dumpusers: Writes an XML file containing a representation of the users and groups defined in the internal user administration, and of all rights rules.

  • restoreusers: Updates the internal user administration and the rights rules from an XML file containing a representation of users, groups and rules.

Note that some of the operational tools do not access the CoreMedia CMS server but work on database level. Those tools don't support the standard options because they don't need a user to open a session.

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