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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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3.4 Exclusive Locks

The server, the publisher, and the replicator require exclusive database transactions, but only during their startup phases. After the server components are up, some operations will still block all concurrent writes. Because the server executes requests in a first come, first served fashion, this might also block read requests that reach the server when a write is pending. Therefore, you should use such operations only when necessary.

The following operations block concurrent writes:

  • Creating, dropping, or refreshing the folder index using the cm dbindex tool. If possible, use this tool in times of low load.

  • Cleaning the recycle bin using the cm cleanrecyclebin tool. If possible, use this tool in times of low load.

  • Fetching a timestamp using the method ContentRepository.getTimestamp(). Occasionally this might be necessary to bootstrap a repository listener, but in general you should use this method sparingly.

  • Providing a synthetic replay for a repository listener. This will generate a sequence of events that might have led to the current repository state. A synthetic replay is generated by adding a content repository listener with the timestamp Timestamp.SYNTHETIC_REPLAY. Whenever possible, you should use ContentRepository.getContents() to access all contents.

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