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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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The actions described in this section might be required if there are content items in the content repository that were moved into the recycle bin using release 4.1 or earlier. If the previous folder of such content items was destroyed in the mean time, the automatic update procedure will not be able to determine a proper base folder for them. They will be treated as though they were located in the root folder: content items have the root folder as the base folder. This means that such content items can only be restored into the root folder when removing them from the recycle bin. If this is not acceptable for you, then you must restore all resources from trash into a temporary folder that is placed in the proper base folder during migration. After the migration the temporary folder and the recovered content items can be move to the recycle bin again. For the recovery of resources from the recycle bin, you may use scripted queries or editor queries at your discretion.

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