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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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The publications utility shows all running publications.

usage: cm publications -u <user> [other options] [-v]
available options:
 -d,--domain <domain name>   domain for login (default=<builtin>)
 -p,--password <password>    password for login
 -u,--user <user name>       user for login (required)
 -url <ior url>              url to connect to
 -v                          verbose

The publications tool has only one additional option:

Parameter Description
-v Verbose output, prints out additional information

Table 3.15. Options of the publications utility

The verbose output of the publications tool looks like this (sample, one publication only):

pending publications:
  publication: coremedia:///cap/publication/3
    priority: 60
    user: rolf (coremedia:///cap/user/102)
    preview: false
    size: 4
    stage: 4

You can also run publications without the -v option and obtain the details of a publication with the dump tool (see Section, “Dump”).

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