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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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The changepassword tool changes the password of a user on the server to which it connects (-url property). An administrator can change the password of every other user, all other users may only change their own passwords.

usage: cm changepassword -u <user> [other options] 
            [-n <user name>] -w  <new password>

available options:

 -w,--new-password <new password>   new password for the given 
                                    user or the login user, if no 
                                    user was given
 -d,--domain <domain name>          domain for login
 -n,--name <user name>              name of the user to change 
                                    the password for 
                                   (administrators only)
 -p,--password <password>           password for login
 -u,--user <user name>              user for login (required)
 -url <ior url>                     url to connect to
 -v,--verbose                       enables verbose output

Example 3.18. 

The options have the following meaning:

Parameters Description
-n Name of the user for whom the password should be changed. This option is only available for administrators. For other users the user name will be taken from the -u option.
-w New password for the user.

Table 3.21. Options of the changepassword tool

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