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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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The program cm sql is used to access the databases of Content Servers manually. This program should only be used by those with precise knowledge of the SQL query language as well as of the table structure of the CoreMedia system. Table contents can be displayed or manipulated with it.



Only use read commands on the database when the CoreMedia Content Server is running. If you want to write data via cm sql, be sure that the Content Server is down. Otherwise, data corruption can occur.

The usage is:

cm sql [-script <scriptname>]

If a SQL script is passed via the option -script, the script will be executed.

After entering cm sql, a connection to the CoreMedia system database is opened using the database settings configured in (see Section 4.2.4, “Properties for the Connection to the Database” in Deployment Manual).

If the command is carried out in a Windows environment, a graphical user interface opens which allows SQL commands to be entered.

CM SQL user interface

Figure 3.2. CM SQL user interface

If there is no Windows environment active (Unix: no DISPLAY variable set), a command line prompt appears which allows SQL commands to be entered.

  DBConnection: opened to: jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:1521:DEVELOP
  for user: CMPROD      
  database: Oracle      
  version: Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release -
  With the Partitioning option
  JServer Release - Production      
  driver: Oracle JDBC driver   

  Enter your SQL-Statement, finish with ';'

Example 3.41. CM sql command line operation



Keep in mind that you have to terminate a SQL statement on the command line with a semicolon but in the graphical interface a semicolon is not allowed as a terminator of the statement.

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