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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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3.13.1 Information

This section covers the informational server utilities. All these tools are "read only", so none of them modifies the server or the repository.

  • dump: Shows detailed data of any CMS object (resources, processes, users, ...)

  • events: Shows events at the Content Server and Workflow Server.

  • ior: Shows the content of an IOR in a readable format

  • license: Shows the configured CoreMedia CMS license data

  • processorusage: Show used processors

  • publications: Shows all running publications

  • repositorystatistics: Show a simple overview over the content in the CoreMedia repository.

  • rules: Shows all rules declared in this repository

  • sessions: Shows all open sessions

  • systeminfo: Shows CoreMedia CMS installation details

  • validate-link-type: Validates that links in existing content are valid with regard to the LinkType of the document type definition

  • validate-multisite: Validates set up and content structure for multi-site feature

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