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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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This utility provides access to data about the usage of processor licenses. For a given time interval, it shows the maximum number of processors used and an explanation of that number in terms of servers and clients that were active at that time. Clients and servers are identified by their IP address. Additionally, it shows the development of the number of processors in use for the given time interval.

Sessions of the Site Manager as well as the standard administrative tool are not included. Therefore, only infrastructure processes (servers, feeders and so on) will appear in the listing. Individual users cannot be identified from the information provided here.

All reported dates are printed in the GMT time zone.

The output of the tool contains an encrypted MD5 hash code. It holds no additional information besides the information that is also presented in clear text.

The tool should normally be run against the Content Management Server. It will provide information about all involved machines, even machines of the delivery environment. It is recommended to run the tool regularly in order to detect a shortage of CPU licenses.

usage: cm processorusage -u <user name> [options]

available options:

 -d,--domain <domain name>   domain for login (default=<builtin>)
 -e <days>                   end date for report in days before now
                             (default: 0)
 -i <intervals>              interval count for time series report
                             (default: one interval per day)
 -p,--password <password>    password for login
 -s <days>                   start date for report in days before now
                             (default: 365)
 -u,--user <user name>       user for login (required)
 -url <ior url>              url to connect to
Parameters Description
-s The start of the reported interval in days before last midnight. The default is 365 days before the end date.
-e The end of the reported interval in days before last midnight. Default is last midnight.
-i The number of time intervals into which the specified interval is split. By default, the interval is split into days.

Table 3.14. The parameters of processorusage


The call cm processorusage -u admin gives you an overview of the last year. To analyze the previous day in more detail, you might want to use cm processorusage -u admin -s 1 -i 24.

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