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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

Table Of Contents Changing LinkType of LinkListProperty

There are two different cases when changing the LinkType attribute of a LinkListProperty definition.

Choosing a supertype of the current LinkType

If the new LinkType is a supertype of the current LinkType, it's sufficient to restart the Content Servers after changing the document type definition.

Choosing a subtype of the current LinkType or another unrelated type

If the new LinkType is not a supertype of the current LinkType, then links in existing content may point to documents of wrong types. Before changing the content type definition, check whether such content exists by using the command-line tool cm validate-link-type, which is described in Section, “Validate Link Type”

For example, if you want to change the LinkType attribute for property pictures of type Teasable from Media to subtype Picture, check if there's any link that would violate the new LinkType:

cm validate-link-type -u admin -t Teasable -l pictures -n Picture -a

The example uses the -a option to also check old document versions. Because old versions can easily be restored by editors, they should be valid as well.

If the tool does not find any invalid links for the new link type, change the LinkType attribute in the document type definition and restart the Content Servers.

If the tool finds existing content with links that would be invalid for the new link type, you have different options:

  1. Decide to not change the LinkType.

  2. Remove documents or document versions with invalid links from all servers. Consider using tools such as Section, “Clean Versions” or Section, “Destroy”.

  3. If really necessary, it's possible to remove links from the linklists database table for all Content Servers after they have been stopped. See Section 4.3.1, “The Database Schema” for a description of the database table. Database changes must be done with extreme caution. If you delete rows from the linklists table, you must not forget to update the value of the LinkIndex column for other affected rows. The LinkIndex column represents a link's position in a link list. Therefore, its value must be reduced for all links after you removed a link in the same property of the same document version.

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