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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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2.2.2 Extent of Replication

The following information is replicated from the Master Liver Server:

  • created folders

  • created content items

  • created content versions

  • destruction of content versions

  • destruction of content items

  • renaming/moving of content items and folders

  • Edition date of content: This date field contains the date of the last created version. It is copied unchanged from the Master Live Server, indicating the time of the most recent publication of the last version. See Section 2.6, “Editing Dates” for more details.

Certain information is not replicated:

  • document editing state: By definition, there are only content items with state "published" on the Master Live Server. Nevertheless, the flags for approved and published still exist on the Master Live Server, but get lost during replication. This also applies to the associated date and user properties like approval date or publisher.

  • content types: Any changes in the content type definitions must be carried out by hand on all server instances.

  • user and group data: Any changes must be carried out by hand on all server instances.

  • creation date in the management environment: As the creation date in the delivery environment indicates the time of the publication, the original creation date becomes inaccessible.

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