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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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3.9.2 Installing further Replication Live Servers

To install further Replication Live Servers you can repeat the instructions from Section 3.9.1, “Installing the First Replication Live Server” or you can set up a Replication Live Server from the backup of another Replication Live Server as described in the following. This is recommended if the repository size is large.

  1. Install additional Replication Live Servers with Replication Live Server licenses.

  2. Restore the database with the last database backup of the first Replication Live Server.

  3. Configure the content types equal to the types of the Master Live Server.

  4. Configure the replicator with the IOR URL of the Master Live Server:

  • replicator.publicationIorUrl=http://<MasterLiveServerComputerName>:<port>/ior

  1. Start the Replication Live Server.

    The Replication Live Server will switch to the run level administration and start the replication of the content, processing changes since the backup was created. When at most the number of events specified in the property replicator.maxAcceptedLag (see Section 4.2.5, “Properties for Replicator Configuration” in Deployment Manual) remains unprocessed, the Replication Live Server will go online.

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