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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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The rules utility prints out all rules declared for a resource or in the entire repository.

usage: cm rules -u <user> [other options]
available options:
 -d,--domain <domain name> domain for login (default=<builtin>)
 -p,--password <password>  password for login
 -u,--user <user name>     user for login (required)
 -url <ior url>            url to connect to
 -t, --paths <path>        path of contents to dump
 -v,--verbose              enables verbose output

Rules has one additional option.

Parameter Description
-t <paths> Enter the paths of resources for which you want to dump the attached rules.

Table 3.16. Options of the rules utility

The output of the rules utility looks like this (sample, one rule only):

content: / (coremedia:///cap/content/1)
  group:   editor (coremedia:///cap/group/2)
  type:    coremedia:///cap/contenttype/Document_
  rights:  RMD

For details about the meaning of rules see Section 3.15.2, “User Rights Management”.

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