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Content Server Manual / Version 2107

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3.12.7 LDAP User and User Changes Application

The User Changes Spring Boot application tracks the changes a user has made in the content repository. Therefore, a user can, for example, start a publication workflow with all recently changed contents. However, some contents should be excluded from content tracking. Especially the home folder of a user or some system folders, which usually contain only configuration data rather than editorial content.

By default, the home folders follow the /Home/*/MyPreferences pattern. When you use an LDAP user provider, the path to the MyPreferences folder (and to other folders) might be different, because the home folders of the Active Directory users represent the OU structure in the AD. Therefore, you have to add paths with a corresponding depth. Adapt the configuration as follows:

  1. In the Blueprint workspace add a userchanges.paths.exclude property to the properties file in the apps/user-changes/modules/server/user-changes-blueprint-component module below src/main/resources/META-INF/coremedia/. Create a new file if non-existent.

    For a Docker deployment, add the property to apps\user-changes\docker\user-changes\src\docker\config\

  2. Add the default entries to the property:

    /Home/*/EditorPreferences,/Home/*/My Preferences,/Home/*/My Dictionary,/System/Public Dictionary
  3. Add your own paths to the EditorPreferences, My Preferences and My Dictionary directories to the property. Add wildcard elements matching the users' OUs, for example:

    /Home/*/*/*/My Preferences

When you now build the Blueprint workspace or the Studio Spring Boot application, the paths will be excluded for the User Changes Spring Boot application.

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