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Studio User Manual / Version 2107

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4.2.2 Adding Widget

You can add a widget at a specific position or automatically to the emptiest row. Afterwards, you might rearrange it using drag and drop.

Adding widget

Figure 4.2. Adding widget

In order to add a widget to the end of the emptiest row, click the [Add Widget] icon. In order to add the widget at a specific position, move the cursor over the space between two positions (see Figure 4.2, “Adding widget”) and click with the mouse. A new widget opens in configuration mode.

Widget in configuration mode

Figure 4.3. Widget in configuration mode

Select the widget in the field Widget type. Depending on the type, you can configure the widget with other fields. For a "Simple Search", for example, you can define the content type you want to search in and the search text. Afterwards, click the [Close Widget Configuration] icon. Now, you have created a new widget.

Search Results

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