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Studio User Manual / Version 2107

Table Of Contents Preparing Translation: Find Documents That Need Translation

To support you in finding documents in a site that need to be translated, you can use the Translation State Dashboard Widget and the Translation State Library Filter. The dashboard widget gives you an overview of the translation state of the selected site. It displays five different states:

  • New in Master

    documents that only exist in the master and not in the local site

  • Master Updated

    documents that have been localized to the local site but in the meantime have a new version in the master site, and are not in translation, yet

  • Not Translated Yet

    documents that have been copied to the local site when the site was cloned, but have neither been translated nor are currently in translation

  • In Translation

    documents that are already being translated to the local site in some version

  • Up to Date

    documents whose current versions have been translated to the local site

The local site can be configured in the widget's edit mode. For each of the states the number (absolute and relative) of documents in this state are visualized as a bar chart.

Translation State Dashboard Widget

Figure 4.121. Translation State Dashboard Widget

A click on a row of the chart opens the library in search mode with the library filter set to the translation state of the clicked bar. The library then shows the documents in the master site for the selected states, so that you can directly start a translation from here.

Translation State Library Filter

Figure 4.122. Translation State Library Filter

Search Results

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